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Bluebird Flown by Natalie Buske Thomas Book 3 in the Serena Wilcox Mysteries Dystopian Thriller Trilogy

Bluebird Flown (September 2013) is the last book of the Serena Wilcox Mysteries dystopian political suspense thriller trilogy: 1 Angels Mark, 2 Covert Coffee, 3 Bluebird Flown.

Continuing with the dystopian, eerie, and intense vibe from Covert Coffee, Bluebird Flown goes even deeper into the madness that is futuristic America: corrupt, heavy with conspiracies, and chillingly close to tomorrow's headlines. As the United States continues to spiral out of control, can Serena shine a glaring light on those who are actively working to kill the president and take the nation by force? As the layers of the onion of betrayal are peeled, will anyone be left?
Operation Covert Coffee left more questions than answers and President Ann Kinji is left with nowhere to turn and no one to trust except for government outsider, former private detective and mother of three Serena Wilcox and her motley crew of vigilantes, burned agents and the criminally insane.
[Suspenseful, hard-hitting, fast-paced and humorous thriller; clean, inspirational, part of a series]

BLUEBIRD FLOWN is the last in the dystopian trilogy (Angels Mark, Covert Coffee, Bluebird Flown). Worried about what happens after BLUEBIRD FLOWN? The Serena Wilcox Mysteries continues in a new trilogy! There are many returning characters (although not everyone will make it´╗┐ through) and new cases to solve in The Serena Wilcox Time Travel Trilogy.



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