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Natalie Buske Thomas is an author, artist and singer-songwriter. She writes the Serena Wilcox mysteries; six books beginning with Angels Mark (free!). She also creates Christian inspirational songs, books, and art. Her oil paintings are featured in galleries, exhibits, in books, and on tour. Watch Natalie paint in these relaxing videos.

Natalie Buske Thomas books, art, and music

Get the free e-Book version of Grandpa Smiles, a picture book illustrated by Natalie's oil paintings: Grandpa watches over a boy throughout his childhood, even though he can be with him only in spirit. Grandpa's spirit is illustrated by a cardinal in a tree, a butterfly in the air, and other beautiful images. The healing art and gentle words are a good choice for helping someone through the pain of loss. For more warm fuzzies, visit the free Dramatic Mom comic page. The comic was created by Natalie and illustrated by her cartoonist daughter Cassandra. Don't forget to save your favorite pages and pin your favorite images. Thank you!

Natalie Buske Thomas and Progeny

Natalie Buske Thomas and Progeny is a Christian music group. They create original inspirational songs with unusual arrangements and uplifting messages. Their songs are part of a larger project that includes original art and books.


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